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Is it time for a new HVAC?

HVAC unit

You should get many years of service from your HVAC unit, but sooner or later, they all fail. Unfortunately, some units are inferior to begin with and do not last but a few short years. Until we inspect your HVAC system, we cannot know if you need a new unit or something else is the matter that can be repaired. Quite often the problem is air leaking from your house, making your unit run hard or ineffectively. We will be happy to do a thorough exam of your HVAC system.

An ac unit is a necessity in Georgetown Texas. We provide a variety of HVAC system options for replacing your system. We are Carrier dealers for HVAC systems as well as Mitsubishi dealers for mini-splits.

Quality Air Conditioner units are highly efficient systems that pay for themselves in a decade. We have high output systems for larger homes and offices. Amtech Mechanical will help you determine the best cooler or air conditioner. Air conditioner service in Georgetown and our frequently asked questions about air conditioners.

A few of the Makes and Models we Install and Repair:

  • Carrier
  • Mitsubishi
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Goodman
  • Lennox
  • Bryant & Payne
  • American Standard

What are Builder Grade products?

Most homes are built with the standard builder grade HVAC unit and other entry level type building supplies. This helps the contractor stay within budget and gives you what seems to be a great price on your home. Unfortunately over time the amount of money you will end up paying will far surpass the initial cost of higher quality building products.

    Levels of HVAC Grading:

  • Builder Grade- lowest and least energy efficient
  • Quality Grade- step above builder grade
  • Custom Grade- Better quality and more efficient
  • Ultimate Custom Grade- Best quality and highest efficiency

Builder Grade Costs You Money in many ways

AmTech can save you hundreds if not thousands on your homes energy costs. Along with the builder grade ac unit you more than likely had builder grade insulation and other lower quality necessities installed in your home. This can greatly affect the efficiency of your home and the ability for your ac unit to effectively cool things down.

Energy and Grading

Consider for a moment the heat and strength of the Sun in summertime. Start going through the list of items in your home that help prevent the heat from getting into and the cool from escaping your home. How strong do you think your homes windows and doors are? What about the thickness of your homes insulation or shingles? Now think of how many of these items are builder grade, and remember builder grade is the least expensive of all building materials. It is less apt to last as long and the quality is sub-par to other building grades on the market.

We offer Experience and Expertise...

We can also provide you with some valueable information as to which unit may be best for your homes specific needs. We are not working hard to make a sell or hurry you up and drop in a unit just to move on to the next customer. We know if we take the time necessary and help you with this process you'll be our customer for the long term and maybe... just maybe tell a friend or two about us.

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