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Heat pump repair for your Central HVAC system

Central heat pumps can have minor problems that prevent them from heating your home. These minor problems prevent your home from being comfortable. Before spending a lot of money on a new heat pump, let us evaluate your Central HVAC System. We may be able to get your system working without you spending a lot of money. Amtech Mechanical is here for the long haul. Unless your system really needs to be replaced, we can fix your broken heat pump.

HVAC technicians often want to replace a perfectly good heat pump because they do not know how to fix your system. It is easier (and more profitable) for them to replace your broken hvac system than get the training to fix it. Amtech Mechanical knows how to fix any heat pump and hvac central heat and air conditioning system.

Amtech Mechanical can fix your HVAC system

We repair all heat pumps and central heating units. It is amazing all the little things that can go wrong and bring your heat pump to a halt. Bryan Malloy, the owner, has over 20 years experience diagnosing and repairing broken central heat and air conditioning units. He can fix any broken heat pump.

Occasionally if repairing a system is going to be expensive, and your hvac system is getting old, you may need a replacement unit. Bryan and the technicians at Amtech Mechanical will explain the problem after a thorough diagnose your central heating/AC problem. Then they give you the pros and cons of repair vs. replacement.

Heat pump repair

Incorrect HVAC advice

From inexperienced hvac technicians to internet videos, you can get lots of faulty information. On of my favorites is a video you can find by doing a Google search for "How to fix your heat pump with a hammer?" How confident would you feel if this guy showed up with his hammer to fix your system? Go with the experienced Amtech Mechanical technicians.

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Central HVAC Specials

1. Heating and Cooling tune-up: Regularly $125, now only $100.
Schedule between 8 & 5 Monday - Friday. Expires January 29, 2017.

2. Heat pump tune-up only: Regularly $99, now only $75. Expires January 29, 2017.

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