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Humidifiers and De-humidifiers

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HVAC humidifiers are connectd to the air ducts in a building so that the air circulating throughout the home maintains a comfortable level of humidity. Dry air can aggrevate sinuses and cause other uncomfortable health problems. There are many different types of humidifiers. However, if you're uncomfortable with the low humidity levels in your home, we can provide a house-wide solution. If you only need extra humidity in a single area, such as a bedroom, a small protable humidifier may be a better and more affordable choice.

Whole house dehumidifiers are a low-maintenance way to keep your entire home dry, heatlhy, and comfortable. Although high humidity is most often a problem in basements and crawl spaces, excess moisture can rise up and infiltrate your entire home. As a result, you might feel hot and sticky indoors, have pest problems, see mold and mildew growth and you might even develop allergy symptoms. A whole house dehumidifier whether it's a portable unit or one designed to work in unison with your HVAC system helps you maintain a healthy humidity level throughout all the rooms in your home.

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