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You can sign up for Premier Service if you...

  • You own a home
  • Your a/c unit is over 5 years old
  • You want to reduce the cost of a/c repair
  • You want to avoid the hassle of a breakdown in the middle of the busy season
  • You want a brand new thermostat

Call us today and we can get you signed up and protected from an A/C emergency!

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What does SEER stand for?

We have had a lot of our Georgetown clients ask us what does SEER stand for. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

What this means is the higher the SEER number on an A/C unit the more efficient the system will run. Before putting a high SEER unit into your home you should first determine how long you are going to remain in your home. This is extremely important since the higher the SEER number the higher the price of the unit.

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