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HVAC: Ventilation for your safety

When your Central heating and air conditioning is not keeping youe comfortable, you may have a ventilation problem. Before spending money upgrading or replacing your central HVAC unit, let us check your house for leakage. Leakage is not Ventilation!

need another unit. However, before considering such an expensive proposition, check to see if your problem might be leakage. Often, instead of your system slowing, leakage has begun. When we check an AC or heating problem, we check the entire system, including the house. We are the Home Comfort Specialists.

When your house is uncomfortablly hot or cold because of leaks, you don't need another HVAC unit. Houses along the fault line in Round Rock and Georgetown settle and air leakage occurs. Again, leakage is not ventilation. Ventilation is controlled air flow. If you are in the Round Rock, Georgetown, or Jarrell area, let us inspect your home for leakage and issues with your HVAC system.

Leakage can be fatal

Leakage from your garage into your house can be fatal. Carbon Monoxide is toxic. Breathing it can make you sick or even kill you.

Do you ever run your car in the garage to warm it up or cool the car down before opening the garage door? This could be dangerous if your house has leakage. Your HVAC may be sucking carbon dioxide from your garage into your living area.

When we seal the leaks in your home, you keep out the dust, allergens, and carbon dioxide. There is a good chance your cooling and heating problems will go away also. However, if leakage is not your problem, we can repair your existing HVAC system or install a new one.

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